Because Spencer was a bit tired from the Subway hike, I set out in the early morning to shoot Horse Shoe Bend for sunrise. I was attempting to take several photos in series to create a panoramic image. I was unsuccessful. I need to research more the reason why.

We then set out for the Lower Antelope Slot Canyons. We arrived around 9:30am. The cost for both of us, including the photographer’s pass, which only allowed one 2 hours of shoot time, was $72. Cash only! For $20 more, we could stay 4 hours. I think I remember that it was 4 hours to begin with 3 years ago. They cut the time down. Plus, they didn’t let anyone bring in a tripod unless they paid for the photographer’s permit. A new rule.

It was busy at that hour. When we arrived in the parking lot, there were quite a few cars parked already. I did manage to get some shots that I liked. I worked on different compositions. Because it was crowded, it was tough to take our time and shoot really abstract views.

Afterwards, we headed across the road to the Upper Antelope Slot Canyons. Again we were advised that no tripods were allowed. We inquired about the photographer’s permit and trip, but that happened at 11am only, or hire an outside guide to bring us in. In the end we decided to not spend any more money. This place has gotten so commercial and a bit too busy to be even worth it in the end.

We left the area to head to the House on Fire area. Because we left early we got the opportunity scope it out, and to make sure I had the right area.


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