After getting some lunch (Subways) and meeting some Utah police officers, one of which owned a silver e39 M5 and after modding the software of the engine, he said it flies, we made our way to Zion National Park’s main entrance to catch the free shuttle into the park.

Angel’s Landing was over a 1500′ elevation climb over about 2 miles. There were signs along the way saying this is a strenuous hike and is not for people with a fear of heights. They were not joking. There were a ton of switch backs to even scale this hill. If one got to the top, it rewarded one with breath taking views of Zion’s valley. Unfortunately, my fear of heights got to me and I couldn’t make it to the top. The pathway was very narrow with sheer drop offs on BOTH sides. No thanks.

It took us 1.5 hours to climb up to the first tower. It took us about 1 hour to hike down. I definitely took some advil before heading down and we each used one pole of my hiking poles. This totally helped make my knees not hurt so bad coming down, and helped even going up to push off of them.

Here are the pictures and the view. If you can brave getting to the top, definitely go for it.


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