My family and I took a trip to Yosemite National Park for the long weekend, August 17-19, 2013. I managed to get some good sunset pictures as well as some during the day. It was quite hot out there, but managed well.

The locations visited and photographed within Yosemite National Park are: Tunnel View, Yosemite Falls, Valley View, Sentinel Bridge area for Half Dome. I experimented with more panoramic pictures and stitching multiple pictures together. I found that taking 5 photos in a landscape format will yield close to my panoramic ratio (L:W ratio). I also experimented with using my filters with my home made filter holder for my 14-24mm lens. Taking pictures at 24mm allowed me to stack 2 filters. Because the scene was at times very bright during the middle of the day, I used my B+W 10 stop filter and using my new iPhone app to help me calculate the shutter speed. It was very helpful to determine how long the shutter speed should be.



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