Today, October 12, 2014, was United Airlines Family Day. We had a blast last year and wanted to go again this year. This year, the government wasn’t shut down and the Blue Angels for Fleet Week was on! Working in the office over the last few days, you can hear them practicing. Unfortunately, you couldn’t see them because many of the days were overcast. Saturday cleared up and Sunday was down right clear and hot.

Ricky W got me tickets for the family again this year. He was happy to offer them. We met up with him on the day and thanked him for the tickets.

This year, they had a 767 that you can go through. I believe it was a domestic version because there was a nice first class section, possibly business class lay-flat seats vs. true international first class seats, and then economy plus and economy section. All the seats had upgraded and bigger screens, even for the first rows of economy class. We didn’t get to go into the cockpit this time. That was a separate line and it was long. What was also on display was a 757 Fed Ex plane. I didn’t get to go in it because the line was also long, but I’m assuming the plane was quite empty inside for cargo bins. Unfortunately, my hopes for a 787 were not answered. Maybe next year; I can only hope.

I then started to shoot some of the planes taking off and to try my luck. My D800 did well with my 70-200 VR III and a polarizer at 200mm. I still had to do a bit of cropping but I think it turned out fairly well.

This year we only had a limited amount of time to tour around. We had a birthday party to go to for Matthew’s preschool-grade school friend. It was nice to stay in the shade in the park they had it at and relax.

Enjoy the pics!

  • D800_025446-UnitedFamilyDay2014-blog
  • D800_025456-UnitedFamilyDay2014-blog
  • D800_025471-UnitedFamilyDay2014-blog
  • D800_025474-UnitedFamilyDay2014-blog
  • D800_025483-UnitedFamilyDay2014-blog
  • D800_025486-UnitedFamilyDay2014-blog
  • D800_025491-UnitedFamilyDay2014-blog
  • D800_025494-UnitedFamilyDay2014-blog
  • D800_025495-UnitedFamilyDay2014-blog
  • D800_025496-UnitedFamilyDay2014-blog
  • D800_025500-UnitedFamilyDay2014-blog
  • D800_025511-UnitedFamilyDay2014-blog
  • D800_025513-UnitedFamilyDay2014-blog
  • D800_025488-UnitedFamilyDay2014-blog
  • D800_025516-UnitedFamilyDay2014-blog
  • D800_025506-UnitedFamilyDay2014-blog
  • D800_025521-UnitedFamilyDay2014-blog
  • D800_025538-UnitedFamilyDay2014-blog
  • D800_025554-UnitedFamilyDay2014-blog
  • D800_025578-UnitedFamilyDay2014-blog