Being that October is coming to a close, I’ve been missing out on some good foggy evenings and mornings. I had to step up my game! I told the wify I might not come home until late Thursday night. I packed my stuff and hoped for the best. The morning weather was making things appear to be not so good. It was overcast and grey. No clear skies in sight and no fog either. A little storm was going to brush by the north bay. I got to work and looked out my office window to see all of that. I texted the wife saying I’m probably coming home, things don’t looks promising.

As the day went by, I finally looked out the window again. The darkness had cleared and there was clearish sky! I later looked up toward the end of my work day and saw that there was low level fog filling the bay! I got super excited and texted the wife saying I’m not coming home after work! I rushed out of work, crossed the GGB, and hiked up Slacker Hill before sunset. High above the low fog, the sunset had some nice glow around the horizon and the sun seemed to take its time setting. The fog started to thicken up some as well.

All the time up on Slacker Hill, I was texting Ken A, who just got back into town, and Dave G. Unfortunately, Ken couldn’t make it, but Dave got to where I was sitting in about 25 minutes! Wow! We shot the evening and well after sunset. I managed to capture several compositions and I like them all. There was this spot light over at Chrissy Field. I’m mixed about how it adds or distracts one.

  • D800_025646-SlackerHillFog-Edit
  • D800_025657-SlackerHillFog-Edit
  • D800_025658-SlackerHillFog-Edit
  • D800_025665-SlackerHillFog
D800_025646-SlackerHillFog-Edit1 D800_025657-SlackerHillFog-Edit2 D800_025658-SlackerHillFog-Edit3 D800_025665-SlackerHillFog4