Because of the great weather lately, I figured the night was going to be clear and the sunrise might be pretty good to revisit Slackerhill to take a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge. This time I asked my older brother, Kendall, to come along with me. I took my original picture about 60 days ago. Therefore, the sunrise was about 1 hour earlier at 6:35am! This means I had to wake up an hour earlier to head out there. I woke at 4:20pm and picked up my brother at 4:45am. We parked at 5:09am and began our hike up (no)Slackerhill. When driving on the Golden Gate Bridge it was well foggy. It was thick and we couldn’t tell how tall the fog was and if the towers were even poking through the fog, but when we started to drive up the hill, we knew that the towers were poking through and the fog was low and covering the bay. Perfect!

Shortly after we parked, another person parked and later caught up to us hiking up the hill. Turns out he was also a fellow photographer. He managed to get to the top of the hill first. After some short conversation, we introduced ourselves. His name was Joe Azure. Later when I got home, I found him on 500px.com.

We took pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a good sunrise. The fog was very low, but covered most of the bridge as you can see in my picture. I was very happy with the results this time.

I pay tribute to another fellow 500px.com user, Alan Chan, who’s picture I stumbled across on 500px.com and gave me the motivation to capture my own. Turns out Joe knew Alan and he was texting him while we were taking pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge from Slackerhill. Joe said he’s up on the other hill. Joe let me know what car Alan drives. When my brother and I got down to the bottom of the hill and to the parking lot, I left a note on Alan’s car to call me. He later did. It is nice to connect with other photographers in the bay area.

I hope you like the new version!

~Greg Chong

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