Todd took me out to the Columbia River Gorge Saturday later afternoon. It was raining fairly constantly and hard. It made any type of photography difficult to do. The iPhone did come in handy as much as possible. It was nice of Todd to show me some of the more popular falls along the Historic Highway 30. Sunday, the 26th had pockets of off and on rain. It was heavy at times and we had to wait it out in the car, but I managed to pull out my camera this time and capture some great images.

The first stop was the Vista House view. It is in the distance. The parting of the clouds behind me allowed the sun rays and light to hit the side of the hill and hit the Vista House perfectly. I love the drama in the clouds in the distance up the Columbia River. Very cool!


D800-025879-LatourellFalls-ColumbiaGorgeThe next stop was the Latourell Falls. This fall was one that Todd wanted to capture. He rented a Tokina 11-16mm lens. I had this lens in the past and since sold it. We managed to capture a few shots before the rain started to collect on the lenses. I put on my Singh-Ray Vario-Duo so I can slow the shutter speed down. I managed to take a 6 sec shot and the waterfall turned out well. The texture of the wall looks like stacks of lego. Very cool looking. My composition could have been better with some separation between the tree on the right and the fall itself. There will have to be a next time.

Thereafter, we made our way to Multnoma Falls. This one is very cool because there is a bridge high up one can view the upper part of the fall and most likely a pool of water there. It is a double fall. Unfortunately, an image wasn’t capture because there was some super heavy rainfall that occurred when we arrived. We waited it out in the car, but when we walked up to the fall, it was raging. The mist in the area prevented the photographic opportunity. I did capture it with my iPhone and created a slow-motion video of it. This fall will have to be captured at another time.

It was getting closer to dinner time so we made our way back to the hotel. Remembering the route Todd took on Saturday evening, I took the same because there was a Dairy Queen right off the freeway exit and on our way to the hotel. We stopped off and we all had a much needed Blizzard; oreo Blizzards for us. Afterwards, we got back to the hotel, rested and cleaned up. We then went to Yama Japanese Restaurant in the Pearl District for dinner. We called it a night.



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