As I mentioned in an earlier Facebook post, I am going to enter 4 pieces of my photography into the San Mateo Country Fair.  I am super excited.  It only costs $10 per entry or picture.

The fair gives me an opportunity to put my work out there for people to view and to purchase.  In addition, there is a photography contest that is conducted concurrently.   Perfect.  Fingers crossed.

There is much prep work to be done.  I have ordered the prints and they should arrive tomorrow and the next day.  Hopefully they will look amazing.  After reviewing them, it is off to my framer lady in San Mateo.  She is going to have to frame at least 2 of my 30×20″ prints.  I am going to reuse a couple of frames I already have for my more panoramic prints.  I will also have to sign and number each print, as well as print out a certificate of authenticity, just in case they are sold.  Yes, official.  I have to deliver the framed prints to the fair by June 1st.

The four prints I am submitting are some of my all time very favorites:

1. A London Sunset

2. Dark vs. Light (Battle for Central)

Dark vs Light (Battle for Central)

Dark vs Light (Battle for Central)

3. SF Bay Bridge

4. White Light (Antelope Slot Canyons)

If you are down in the peninsula and have a little time to go to the fair, please check out my work in person as well as others’ work in a wide variety of other media.  If my prints aren’t sold, then I now have professionally framed pictures of my favorite works to this point in time.

Wish me luck!

~Greg Chong


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