Itching to take some photographs, I decided to head to San Francisco to capture the San Francisco Cable Car and add that to my collection. I asked my cousin, Spencer to go, and he in turn asked a good friend, Greg Choy, to go too. We had a good time taking photographs. Unfortunately, since we went in the afternoon, the clouds from the morning disappeared and there were bright and dark areas in our photos. In addition, it was a bit busy on the street.

Not satisfied, I decided to wake up a bit earlier, and with the wife’s permission I decided to go in the morning. I didn’t think the cable car would run at 7am, but it starts at around 6:00am on the weekend! The sky was over cast and would produced more even light. The morning hour resulted in less traffic and people on the streets as well as on the cable car! I like these pictures better:

The only issue is I had to use higher ISO so that my shutter speed would be fast enough to “freeze” the moving cable car. However in a Black and White picture, “graininess” is sometimes ok.

See the cable car operator in the 3rd picture? He was practicing his karate high kicks!

In the end, I think I need a 200mm focal length and try from the top of the hill so I can get more of the track down at the bottom of the hill. Then I might be able to use a tripod and be a bit more steady.


~Greg Chong

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