Status update:

I picked up all my art work from my framer lady in San Mateo.  There was a bit of black dust that was on my London Sunset photo that I had to have her redo.  In the end, it has turned out great!

Each of my pictures I attached a Certificate of Authenticity.  All the pictures are #1/950.  I signed each picture with a silver pen.  They all look very professional!  I hope I do sell something.  It is my main goal to use the fair as marketing tool.  They do have a judging competition that I am also interested in to see how I compare to the rest.

When I dropped off all my pictures at the fair grounds, they started to help me put on some labels to identify them.  I guess one of the head guys there noticed that I selected to enter my pictures into the “Special Effects” category because according to the rules and info sheet, any digital editing is considered special effects.  The head guy there overruled and said these should be entered under the “Color” and “Black and White” categories instead.  He didn’t see anything that I’ve done is out of the ordinary that they didn’t do back in the film developing days.  Cool.   These were the categories I really wanted to enter my art work into.  So, the people there helped me re-categorize my entries.

I think all of them were eyeing my Bay Bridge picture.  I have to say it is one of my all time favorites.  I can’t wait for the fair to start and see where my pictures end up!

Thanks for reading!  I will definitely update with any information of winnings and sales.  BTW, the San Mateo County Fair is from June 11-19th.  If you have time, stop by and take a look at all the various forms of art work and literary work on display.

~Greg Chong

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