I managed to find some time to head out near the Victoria Harbor to attempt to take my panoramic of the Hong Kong Island.

With my Really Right Stuff ball head, rail, and special mounting head on top of my ball head, I think I managed to take a successful panoramic.

The night I got back after an exhausting day at the Hong Kong Disneyland, I managed to muster the energy to put my son to sleep and then to head out and begin my panoramic quest.  The day was pretty hot and I knew the conditions would be clear!  Thank goodness!!!  I dashed out of the hotel and booked it toward the harbor.  I found my favorite spot I attempted all of this 2.5 years ago.  Luckily there wasn’t any one taking MY spot!  I quickly set up my gear.  Made sure the ball head was level and I started to get my camera attached.  I took a look my notes on my iPhone where I recorded the exact millimeter position for the rail and the exact millimeter position of the camera mount.  I set my camera to about 35mm with the F stop at f/11; shutter was at 6 seconds.  I began to pan from left to right.  I had to wait here and there for boats to pass on by because I didn’t want their lights to streak across my panoramic.  My main focus of the picture is the colorfully lit buildings which are static, not streaking lights from moving boats that suggest motion.  I also had to wait until the very last tall building on the right of my picture to have the right colors displayed before clicking that remote shutter.

I made several pans from left to right as well as a few from right to left depending on if there was a slow boat that was going to get into my field of view.  Out of all the sets, I chose the last one I shot that night.

I got back to the hotel room about 11pm at night.  I finished shooting at around 10:30pm, but decided to see if I can gain a different perspective.  That proved to be futile.  I uploaded my pictures, turned down the monitor screen brightness, and started to review them with Lightroom all trying not to wake my daughter sleeping in the crib about 5 feet away from me.  I then immediately selected the 4 pictures and asked Photoshop to merge the 4 pictures into a panoramic.  It took a little time to do so, but it seemed to be far easier and quicker for Photoshop this time to piece together all 4 images to give me what I wanted.  Plus the images was nearly perfectly level.  I began to crop the image to get it to a size I wanted.  For this panoramic, I eventually wanted an image that would be 45″x15.”

Here is the result so far at 900x300px:

I really like it.  I want to make sure it is perfect, so additional scrutiny will be performed.  I hope you like it too.

If you really want to know the ins and outs about panoramics and how to take them, here is a link to the Really Right Stuff article on panormics.

Thanks for taking the time to read and look.

~Greg Chong

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