I finally got the motivation to redo my business card for my photography business.  I got motivation from a flier I got in the mail advertising a sale on the design of a business card and the various types of business cards that can be made and the San Mateo County Fair is coming up.  In the mailer were some business card samples.  There are definitely a lot of cool types out there.

I chose the Silk Laminated Business Cards as the type of card.  It has a matte finish and feels silky smooth.  It is very cool.

The mailer’s price for the business cards seemed a bit expensive.  For those that know me, I tend to do a lot of internet research to find the cheapest price.  I stumbled upon various other places that make the same type of business card and at various different price points, dependent on number of cards desired and other add on features.  I eventually found a person that makes these silk laminated business cards on Etsy.com.  This site offers services at a discount.  He was about 10 bucks cheaper than some of the other commercial sites I found through a search.  I contacted the seller at around 10:30pm one night and he replied to my questions and made a special purchase page for me.  Great communication by this seller.  His reviews speak for themselves!

Here’s what they look like:




Let me know what you think!

Here is what the old one looked like:

Thanks for looking,

~Greg Chong

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