We woke at 4:30am to leave by 5am to head to the Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park. The drive at that hour only took me about 35-40 minutes. We packed the car with all our stuff as we were going to head straight to Las Vegas Airport right after we were done shooting the arch.

We arrived to the parking lot to find another car already there. We were about to head to the arch, but decided to wait a bit because we heard this other car’s engine still running. We assumed he was running the heater and possibly the radio. After a few more minutes, we saw a few other cars’ headlights in the distance and decided it would be best to head out early to claim our spot. Later other people showed up. It was crowded with about 16+ photographers. There was so much expensive equipment there, it was incredible. Everyone was friendly. We crowded in and it seems like everyone got the shots they were looking for. We ran into Bob again, the photog workshop guy from the House on Fire. He had another client with him this time. We exchanged contact info at the end in the parking lot.

Spencer used my 14-24mm lens and my remote control switches. It was dark in the beginning, so we were experimenting with light painting. While the other photogs were light painting, it messed up some of my photos, but at the same time made some interesting ones. It was unintentional.

I decided to do some different view points this time. I experimented with capturing the sun bursts. I took some pictures from the right side, where Jon took his 2 years ago along with his 17″ Alien Laptop at that time. I took some pictures in series to stitch together to make a pano since I was using my 24-70 and it was a little too zoomed.

I met a burly bearded guy who was very nice. I also met an older gentleman, with a bright blue Columbia jacket, Jim E., who said he was mostly on fred miranda.com.

Here are the results:


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