The weather continued to clear and today was quite sunny. I can’t say for sure that the sun warmed anything because it was still quite cold. Even taking the sunset pictures next to the River Thames, was super cold. Weather forecasts say it is going to get colder as the days go into the weekend.

For some reason I think of the London Bridge as a static bridge and is quite impressive as well as iconic London/British. I got to see for the first time the little parts lift to allow a boat to pass through. It was almost like a gate keeper into the heart of London. There were alarms blaring. Even when the alarms were sounding, I could still see people crossing the bridge. At some point, they stopped the foot traffic as well as the cars and buses. Very cool. The only bummer was that the left part wasn’t lit like the right side.

Here are a few from the shoot.

As the sun was setting, I put on my B+W Big Stopper (10 stop) filter, aka “The Black Disk.” 60 second exposure really smoothed out the water in the river. 36mm, f/8, ISO 50.

Vertical (70mm f/16 15s ISO 50):

After the sunset, I managed to snap this picture with bridge open to allow the passage of the boat that had a tall mast. This was a 30 sec exposure at f/16, 52mm, ISO 50.

Because the weather hasn’t been all that great the first week we were here, I was quite motivated to get something before coming home. I braved the cold and it was worth it.



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