Ken A. and I went out to take some pictures. Turns out the weather wasn’t so great and the light faded fast.

That night it was a super full moon. One of the stops was to find a new location to shoot the Golden Gate Bridge. We drove all the way up the hill to find a ton of people and quite a range or equipment up there! The prior months had poor weather for shooting the moon. This night was better than most, but the moon disappeared behind some cloud cover. The clouds did not reach the horizon so the moon did make a large appearance. One guy we talked to near Point Bonita Lighthouse said he used his crop sensor Nikon camera and a long range. He said, “I didn’t want to bust out my 8-10!” Ok. I thought to myself I didn’t want to bust out my dual 800s. I don’t own two 800s.

Hiking on the way back to Ken’s car, I managed to snap this quick pic using my 800 with my 70-200mm lens at 130mm. I couldn’t go the full 200mm because it would have cropped out the bridge. The area was a bit windy. Its not an award winner, but a new view.

We then proceeded to Lombard Street. There was a little crowd there. We had to try to find the right area on the stair way to photograph the curve while capturing the cars rolling down slowly. Ken went into the bushes. I decided to photograph near a brick wall. I’n not sure if it adds or subtracts from the photos, but here it is. The moon was quite full and the nearby street lights created flares that were difficult if not impossible to correct. In the end, we had fun.

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