My buddy, Craig, showed me one day the New Lazer Tag.  He had some new guns he recently bought back in December 2010.  I looked for them during that very same time to only find a place on Amazon’s Marketplace was trying to sell the very set you see here for $400!  I guess they were in demand because every place was sold out.  I guess they were back in stock for $59.99!  Oh Yeah!  I actually ordered my kit when I was all the way in Hong Kong.  It arrived the day we got back, on April 14th.

I don’t know how many of you remember back in the 80’s, THE original Lazer Tag.  Man, we were crazy over the stuff.  We had the original black guns, and the chest sensors.  We modified the guns to run off a 9V battery, for decreased weight, reduced cost of not having to buy 6 AA batteries, and possibly more power.  We were kids–we didn’t take physics yet!  It probably had the same amount of power!

As we got more and more into it, we bought the rifle and the hat sensor.  Now we were talking!  I don’t know if there was increase in range with the rifle over the hand pistol, but it was damn cool!  We even opened up the senors in both the chest and hat sensor to stuff cotton over the speaker to make it more quiet.  We were into sneaking around the house whiile playing and any sound of course would have given us away.

Back in the day we always loved it when my parents would leave baby sitting duties to my older brother, Kendall.  At the time, my parents owned our original house we grew up in and the one next door.  Part of the fence between the two homes were taken down so we could go to the other house where there was a ping pong table, snacks in the pantry, and my dad’s first cars that Kendall and I drove once we were old enough.  When my parents went out to a dinner by themselves, WAR was ON!  We turned off all the lights.  Unlocked all the doors between both houses.  We dressed in our darkest sweats and snuck around the two homes with our lazer tag gear on.  We would shoot each other over and over again.  I believe there was some cheating going on because we could reset our sensors.  The cool thing about the sensors is when you were shot 4 out of 6 times, the “heart rate” sound would increase resulting in your own heart beat increasing.  It got pretty fast when you reached the last life!

We would have organized lazer tag games with 20 people!  It was exciting and loads of fun.  Those days were very missed…until now!

These new kits are much more advanced and they are trying to mimic a real gun.  The gun has the hit sensor on it instead of wearing a dorky chest sensor and a lame looking hat.  The gun has a recoil and a magazine that ejects part way to let you know you are out of “bullets” or lazer shots!  Slam the magazine back in and you are reloaded for more action.  I can’t wait to darken my own house and run around–I just gotta watch out for Matthew’s toys everywhere.  I just have to convince my wife how fun it actually is because playing by myself isn’t as much fun!  I will definitely have to wait until my son gets a little older to allow him to play and for him to know real guns are dangerous.

Until then, Daddy can be the kid again!

~Cmdr Bonecrusher

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