As I mentioned in my previous post, I will be hiking to locations that are on a map and then some that are not. In comes a GPS unit that will be very valuable for my hikes back to my car. Because I will be taking pictures during the sunset hour, most times I will be making my way back to my car near dark or in the dark. I do have a head lamp and a flashlight to help me find my way back, but at night time, all landmarks used to travel back will be “gone.” The GPS unit will be my insurance policy.

I’ve looked into a few and decided on the Garmin Oregon 450t Handheld GPS Unit. I got it off Amazon and will be experimenting with it before I head to Utah. I am hoping that I can do some type of way points and some type of breadcrumb feature so I can actually see the route that I took and then follow that very same route back to my car.

Because I am traveling by myself, I don’t have the luxury to ask others for directions because some of the places I will be going to will be remote and not many people travel to there. Again, the GPS unit will be my insurance policy.

If you have any suggestions or tips about this unit or a similar unit, let me know. I could use as much input as possible.


~Greg Chong

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