My new photography buddy, Ken Altmann, called me to let me know that this weekend was gay pride. SFO airport was going to light up the International Terminal in rainbow colors. I was planning on leaving really early the next morning to head to Bishop, CA to photograph the Sky Rock. In the end, I calculated the time it would take me to drive to Bishop, and decided I didn’t have to leave so early. Therefore, I could stay up and photograph the International Terminal.

He was nice enough to pick me up. We drove to the airport and parked on the top floor of the international terminal parking lot. We got a fairly good view it as you can see below.

We decided to see what it would be like close up. I managed to take a few picture while we “parked” curbside. The police monitoring for loiters didn’t seem to be coming around so late at night. I think it was due to the lack of departing international flights. Ken wanted a few wide angle shots as well. I just waited in the car in case the police told me to move. He seemed to be pleased with what he got.

He dropped me off at home. He told me he wanted to see something edited before he go home. He had about a 30 minute drive from my house to his. Sometimes it takes me some time to import the photos into Lightroom. I managed to edit the panoramic fairly quickly. I later edited it further in the morning before heading to Bishop, CA.

I understand that the SF City Hall was also lit up with rainbow colors. Here is the photo I captured before.


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