Other Planes at Sierra Point Parkway

I had a chance to take pictures of Dave’s P-51 Mustang and his B-25 Bomber. They both looked very cool in the sky!


  • D800-027902-Daves-P51Mustang
  • D800-027915-Daves-P51Mustang
  • D800-027935-Daves-P51Mustang
  • D800-027939-Daves-P51Mustang
  • D800-027952-Daves-B-25
  • D800-027953-Daves-B-25
  • D800-027956-Daves-B-25
  • D800-027963-Daves-B-25
  • D800-027966-Daves-B-25
  • D800-027991-Daves-B-25
  • D800-028004-Daves-B-25

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