My Airbus A320 flying!

It was a great day at Sierra Point Parkway! Weather was great! Nice and sunny with low winds. RickyW helped me take these photos.

The A320 took off very well. The second flight I managed to put the Mobius camera on the left wing shoulder. You can see the Airbus A320 writing and a little bit of the LT engine nacelle.

First landing was a little rough. I tip stalled the plane, but landed. The LT nacelle came loose, but glued it right back in. The second flight was different. I ran out of battery juice and it crashed out in the other construction field. It nosed dived. The fuselage snapped in half. The LT nacelle shell fell off. The nose was bashed in a little bit and front landing gear took a lot of damage. I’ve since glued back the fuselage and minor wing tips. More to repair. It will fly again. Our motto: It flies better damaged than brand new!

  • D800-028068-AirbusA320
  • D800-028070-AirbusA320
  • D800-028076-AirbusA320
  • D800-028077-AirbusA320
  • D800-028078-AirbusA320
  • D800-028079-AirbusA320
  • D800-028080-AirbusA320
  • D800-028102-AirbusA320
  • D800-028103-AirbusA320
  • D800-028126-AirbusA320
  • D800-028128-AirbusA320
  • D800-028140-AirbusA320
  • D800-028156-AirbusA320
  • D800-028157-AirbusA320
  • D800-028158-AirbusA320
  • D800-028159-AirbusA320

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