FMS Fox Glider 800 mm Caught in Action!

Sunday morning was nice and calm. It wasn’t too cold like the past few days and made for a good flight in the morning.

Ricky W, my dad, and I made our way to the Bedwell Bayfront Park in Menlo Park yet once again. I like going in the morning because there are less people up this early and therefore have less of a chance to hit someone walking/hiking around this wonderful park. This morning instead of heading to my usual spot, I decided to scope out the hill across the way from where I flew. I wanted to see if there was enough level dirt or maybe thin grass that a plane with landing gear could land safely without ripping off the landing gear. The top of the hill was just a dirt and was fairly level. I think a plane could launch off the ground here. On busier days, it might not be possible. The other advantage from the top of the hill is that flying more east results in flying over a valley and provides that much more protection before crashing to the ground. The winds could be more so up on top than where I usually fly, but this morning it was very calm.

My dad flew the Champ, but unfortunately after about 2 minutes of flying, he crashed it along the hillside and the other half of the wing tore off. It was out of commission. I need to bring some toothpicks and some packaging tape with me to do infield repairs and surgery! Next time!

Ricky W flew the FMS Fox Glider 800 mm plane I’ve been flying since the last few weekends. He’s a good pilot and was able to help me position the plane in order for me to shoot some pro pictures of it with my D800. Again, I used my 70-200 f/4 at f/4, ISO 400 and aperture priority. I came away with many pictures that I like. My dad also help me shoot the Fox Glider with my camera while I was flying it. He also took some very good pictures. We flew the Fox Glider all 5 batteries worth and they lasted more than 8 minutes each because we were flying slow and not doing to many speedy maneuvers to wear down the battery.

It took me a bit of time to choose which ones were good. There were so many! I did manage to filter it down. I did take a video with my D800 and many with my iPhone 6 in regular video and slo-mo. I have yet to post those. I hope you like them!

  • D800-027071-FMSFoxGlider800mm
  • D800-027095-FMSFoxGlider800mm
  • D800-027096-FMSFoxGlider800mm
  • D800-027103-FMSFoxGlider800mm
  • D800-027109-FMSFoxGlider800mm
  • D800-027117-FMSFoxGlider800mm
  • D800-027224-FMSFoxGlider800mm
  • D800-027250-FMSFoxGlider800mm
  • D800-027251-FMSFoxGlider800mm
  • D800-027253-FMSFoxGlider800mm
  • D800-027280-FMSFoxGlider800mm
  • D800-027281-FMSFoxGlider800mm

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