The Tamiya Neo Scorcher RC Car

Not being satisfied with the old Hornet’s condition, I decided to buy a new one for myself. I knew I wanted to stick with the Tamiya brand, so I looked at their website and looked through their catalog of cars to determine which one to buy.

neoscorcherI’ve always loved the RC cars that resembled real cars to day or race cars of today, however because they were low to the ground, any rocks would possibly make it flip. I decided to stick with the 1/10th scale off road buggies. Looking at the various chassis and body designs, I settled on the Neo Scorcher. I did some research on the various chassis and found this TT-02B was a good one. I read through all the forum posts here to get some idea about how good the car was. This guy did a lot of research and modified his car right out of the box. Some things worked other things didn’t. I took his advice and bought some key hop up parts that were a good bang for the buck.

Once I received word that the kit had been delivered, I just couldn’t wait to get home from work and start building it. It took me several hours, but I managed to get it made. There was only one problem when I tried to do a test run. The car wouldn’t move. Turns out I reversed one of the gear boxes. This resulted in the front wheels turning backwards and the rear wheels turning forward at the same time–the car is 4WD. Being late in the night, I decided to go to bed. The next morning, I woke a little early so I could reverse the gear box and do a little test run. It worked just fine. Phew!

Some initial modifications that I’ve made so far: I bought the ball bearing kit. A must. I bought an upgraded ESC and a new motor with a 19T sprocket. I want metal gears and gear shaft, but I don’t think they make metal gears for these cars. I think it would be more robust in the end with better power transfer. As for the battery, it is a Tenergy 5000mAh capacity. The car can run for over an hour. I have yet to test it out that long.

I couldn’t decide on what color to paint the body. After searching a bunch of images on Google, I decided on a rich and vibrant Ferrari Red Metallic Paint. For the big spoiler, I painted it a medium Blue Metallic. Without the stickers, it looked like a Captain America theme or Julie put it: Optimus Prime! After putting on the stickers I felt would make it look nice and clean, the look came together. I do like it a lot. Maybe I need an autobot sticker!

I’ve run the car and it is nice and fast. It could be faster, but I”m happy with the results. The car ran smooth and sounded good. Because it is 4WD, because it has 4 independent suspension, and because it was not too high off the ground, the car never flipped or rolled when taking turns at full speed. This is good because I now know that the plastic body parts including the vulnerable spoiler will not get damaged like my old Hornet used to do.

I am looking forward to driving it and having fun with Matthew. Hop up parts as needed. I am going to resist the temptation to keep modifying it.

Here she is:

  • D800_026434-TamiyaNeoScorcher-blog
  • D800_026438-TamiyaNeoScorcher-blog
  • D800_026435-TamiyaNeoScorcher-blog
  • D800_026436-TamiyaNeoScorcher-blog
  • D800_026437-TamiyaNeoScorcher-blog
  • D800_026443-TamiyaNeoScorcher-blog

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