Thanksgiving and the Black Friday Frenzy!

Thanksgiving has come and gone. It was a good holiday and break.

We had a great lunch with great food at my Uncle’s place in SF. It was quite a warm to hot day! Lots of sunshine! Because all my brothers were going to be there and because we were getting into RC Cars again or at least motivating my older brother to get back into it, I brought up my Neo Scorcher and the good old Hornet. There were some parts that I needed to give to Alan to get his car into running shape.

After lunch we took our cars into the street. Alan put my old motor from my old Hornet and his ran so much better. In the beginning it seemed like the motor would shut down due to overheating or something, but with my old motor, it kept running. The Neo Scorcher took some bumps and did a flip unintentionally, but kept on running until I lost a wheel lock nut and the tire rolled off the axel. It seems lately I am plagued by wheels falling off issues! Needless to say, I’ve been to OSH and bought some better lock nuts that will stay tight.

Leaving my Uncle’s house in the early afternoon, I had the plan to head down to Walmart to see if I could get a new Xbox 360 4GB console. I saw the ad earlier in the week and didn’t think much of it until our only obligation on Thanksgiving was lunch. The sale began at 6pm. I mentioned that I had no expectations of getting anything. The only thing I would be wasting is just 2-3 hours of time. I dragged the family with me to the Mountain View Walmart. Upon arriving around 3:30pm, I found parking fairly easily. There were no lines outside the Walmart. People were going in and out as if it was just a regular day. I went inside to discover a few lines here and there. Most of the lines were for the TV’s that were on sale. After wandering through the store looking for the Xbox 360 line, I found out the Xbox line was for both the 360 and for the One. I lined up around 4:00pm and I was about 8-9th person in line. It seems as if I would be guaranteed an Xbox 360!

About 5pm, people in line were getting tired waiting and asked the sales associates helping to manage the lines to pass out the wrist bands so people can shop or leave and come back. These wrist bands guarantee the people in line to whatever they were waiting for. The sales associate started going down the line asking who wanted an Xbox One. A few people before me wanted the Xbox 360, but the sales associate didn’t have a wrist band for those units, only the One. This meant all of us that wanted a 360 had to wait in line. Oh well. I sat comfortably on the floor and surfed the internet on my phone.

Finally about 5:50pm, they started to roll out the stack of xbox 360’s and they were heading down to the electronics department. For a moment, all of us that remained in line almost saw our efforts go down the drain, and/or there was another line in the electronics department we didn’t know about or couldn’t see! I yelled out, in excitement of course, that this was the Xbox 360 Line. The sales associate that was helping manage the line confirmed what I was saying. Phew. I think I might have saved the day! 6pm chimmed and I got my 360. I then made a dash for the line. Thinking ahead, I told Julie to head to the front of the store and wait in line so by the time I get there, we wouldn’t have to wait too long. It worked.

This Xbox 360 doesn’t have a hard drive to store games. I remember reading online that a specific Western Digital notebook HD will work. There are instructions online that show one how to flash the HD with xbox 360 firmware. I did this with Tej’s computer because I don’t have a pc laying around anymore. Unfortunately, his virus detector detected some suspicious files. I did manage to flash the drive and install it into my new Xbox 360. The Xbox costed me $99 and the drive and case costed me $50. Not too bad when my new Xbox retails for $179 (Microsoft had it on sale for $130) and the HD versions are much more expensive. I didn’t want to get the One because I would have to buy several new games, several controllers, where in the end it probably would have costed me $600-700! No thanks.


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