Neo’s Full Run with New Shoes

Today, the women Mah Jong game was going on at the house and I had to take the kids and entertain them for a couple of hours. Noah was over as well so I took all 3 kids out.

We headed to Abbott Middle School to run the cars, the Neo Scorcher and the Hornet. I gave the kids a try at the Neo Scorcher. The Hornet unfortunately is falling apart. The other front shock snapped at the plastic base. The thing had negative 20 camber and has no front end support. Furthermore, it lost the bottom screws to the steering knuckles which made the front end worse. We had to turn her off.

I did bring the kids’ bikes and they took turns riding. Hayley actually balanced on the Strider bike! She is almost ready to loose the training wheels on her little red bike.

Because Matthew was driving the Neo Scorcher, I managed to snap some action photos of the car. It gave me a chance to practice my panning shots and try to be creative.

Later, we went over to Foster City and tried to drive it where there is a dirt track for bikes, but people do drive their RC cars out there too. While I was tending to Hayley, Matthew drove the Neo Scorcher into a mud puddle and tried to get out. Needless to say, it took me over 30 minutes to clean it up, and even so, it was still dirty. Oh well. My clean car is no longer.

  • D800_026473-RCCaring
  • D800_026449-RCCaring
  • D800_026464-RCCaring
  • D800_026482-RCCaring
  • D800_026492-RCCaring
  • D800_026501-RCCaring

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