United Airlines’ Family Day October 2014

United had their Family day again to coincide with the Navy’s Fleet Week and the Blue Angels. Ricky W got me just 4 tickets for the family to attend. I had forgotten we had a birthday party to go to in the middle of the day so we decided to do as much as possible right after swim class. The event began at 11am and finishes around 4pm. We parked and went right in.

They had a 767 in the back to enter. There was also a 757 Fed Ex plane converted from passenger type craft to a cargo plane. I didn’t get a chance to enter that one, but I imagine it was quite empty inside to maximize cargo. Plus, it reminded me of the movie with Tom Hanks, Castaway. They had a 737 that was painted in vintage United logo, but it was not open to tour for some reason. The kids had a little bit of time in the jumpy jumps.

It was a bit rushed, but we got to go and see the planes up close. The kids sat in first class, which are a neat little pod. I’d love to sit in one of those one day.

Here are the pics of the family. Here is a link to the plane photography I took.

  • D800_025455-UnitedAirlinesFamilyDay-October2014-blog
  • D800_025457-UnitedAirlinesFamilyDay-October2014-blog
  • D800_025460-UnitedAirlinesFamilyDay-October2014-blog
  • D800_025462-UnitedAirlinesFamilyDay-October2014-blog

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