Tamiya RC Cars

Back in the day some 30 years ago, all my brothers and I got into RC cars made by Tamiya. I believe I was about 9 or 10 years old.

My very first RC car that I had to build was a Tamiya Pajaro. It was a small 1/10th scale RC car that did wheelies. I hated that it did wheelies because I wanted to race around like my other brothers’ cars. Learning from my mistake, I did a lot of research and figuring out which next one to buy that will allow me to not make wheelies as well as I can race around with my brothers’ cars. I decided on the Hornet. My older brother settled on the Grasshopper which was a slower version of the Hornet. They both had the same chassis, but the motor in the Grasshopper was slower and the body of course was different than the Hornet. My younger brother settled on the cool Fast Attack Vehicle (FAV). For some reason, my younger brother’s cars never worked very well. There was something always wrong with his gear boxes that made the cars sound like they were grinding more gears than they should be doing. In the end, with a few upgrades here and there, my car was the fastest. I really loved my Hornet. Turns out Tamiya is no longer the #1 RC car maker, but they did re-released the Hornet a few times and is still available for purchase to this day. Here is what it looked like:


My younger brother was helping clean out the RV sitting in front my of parents’ house all these years. He found some old RC cars and parts. He was super excited about trying to get back into the RC car world. I found my old Hornet in my garage unfortunately in pieces. With his excitement rubbing onto me, I decided to bring my beloved Hornet back to life.

The Hornet needed a lot of TLC. The old controller still worked the servos in the car. The car needed an overhaul of the shocks, gearbox, and front steering knuckles. Finding the parts in the box and having to order parts online from various sources including ebay. I managed to get the poor thing running again. I bought a new battery who’s capacity is 3x’s the amount of the old ones. It ran pretty well. Rough, but well. My goal is to let Matthew learn to drive this one and maybe later get him a new car that hopefully he can build himself, or we build it together. As a youth, I learned a lot about fixing and repairing the vehicles when we damaged them. I learned how to solder wires as well. There were skills obtained through this hobby that I wish Matthew to learn and acquire for himself.

Other things bought: I bought a ton of Amazon branded rechargeable AA batteries and an 8 battery charger. I bought a new Tenergy battery charger to charge the battery for the car. Most of the battery items were bought off Amazon. Parts for the car are hard to come by these days since it is so old and the industry has moved on.

More to come!

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