Halloween 2014

One of the kids’ favorite times is Halloween. They love getting dressed up and of course collecting a lot of candy! They got to do both. Matthew was a Storm Trooper from Star Wars, and Hayley was Elsa from the animation movie, Frozen. They got to decorate their own pumpkins they got when they visited the pumpkin farms for school field trips. Julie carved a Picachoo Pokemon in the 3rd pumpkin.

We went over to my parents’ house and took some photos. Unfortunately, Alan didn’t arrive to just after 6pm and Ken and his family had to leave.

As usual, we went over to the Baywood community were Craig and Susan Live. We set out and caught up to Leah, but then she stayed with some of her neighborhood friends. Ethan being older, he was with his school friends. It was just the wife and the kids. Craig did catch up to us later on. After we did the immediate neighborhood, Julie and Matthew went down to Avilla St where they block off the road to vehicle traffic. It is quite packed down there. I stayed with Hayley. Craig showed me a video of the old Volvo 122s modified and smoking them rear wheels.

Before all the festivities, I managed to shoot some photos of the kids in front of the house before heading out to my parents’ house. I put together a collage of their photos. It has been awhile since I have put one of these together. I had to rattle my memory on the sizing.

Happy Halloween!!!

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