Shasta Lake and Dam

Our first stop was at the Shasta Dam and Lake.

What a sorry sight in terms of the water levels. There were islands in the middle of the lake that are usually covered by plenty of water. The water level along where the tree line was that California is in a serious drought. To make things worse, there air was quite hazy and smoky. The visibility was very limited. There were some surrounding forest fires going on. For almost the whole drive up to Bend, OR, we had the recirculating air on because it was soooo smoky.

The dam was cool. We ate lunch at…yes…McDonalds. It was right next to the freeway and was easy.

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Our next stop was going to be Klamath Falls and the little airport. I wanted to stop off at the airport because on Google Maps, there are several F-15 fighters. Turns out they are part of the national guard. One could barely see it and no picture was possible. It was a good place to stop off and use the bathrooms. We had to fill up on some gas and found a Chevron gas station to fill up at. The pump allowed us to use all of our Safeway Rewards to discount the cost per gallon. Not knowing the customs in Oregon, it turns out it there is a gas attendant who is supposed to fill up your tank, like the old days. Weird. Not sure why it is the law. Next stop, Bend, Oregon!

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