Photowalk in London with Matthew

Matthew and I finally had a chance to head out on the town. London town that is! The last one we had together we did one in San Francisco. This was very exciting because we both were in a town we had at our disposal to explore.

I mainly wanted to take sunset pics of the Shard from difference angles, but we set out at 3ish pm when the sun was still high. Matthew wanted to shoot the London Eye. We made our way and shot it. There were different angles we shot it from which was cool. It was approaching about 5pm and we were going to go to chinatown to eat chinese food, but nearby the Waterloo I remembered there was a pizza place. Pizza Express to be exact. If my memory serves me right, my first time to London back in June 2003, I was there eyeing a pretty girl. The interior has changed since I remember. This time I shared the time and place with my son, Matthew.

After dinner, we walked right across the street where they had some food trucks and a little festival. The trucks were tiny compared to the ones we have in the states. It was cool to see. One thing we don’t have are beer trucks! The Brits know how to raise the level! There was a DJ there that we got them to pose for us. It was fun and smelled very good.

We made our way to the Shard, and we got there around 7pm. The sun was still high, but some sprinkles started. London sunset time was at 8:49pm. We found the traditional red phone booth to shoot with the shard in the background. We had fun doing so. Then we made our way to another area I found. We found it, but then Matthew had to go pee. Some of the local restaurants in London have a policy where they allow customers only to use the interior bathrooms. Luckily, the guy at Gaucho Restaurant allowed us in. It is a fancy restaurant that I’ve been to before, but near Piccadilly Circus. This allowed us to hang around the area for longer. In doing so, we found more of the book benches. I photographed them all with my iPhone and sent them to the wife as she is collecting them. I guess there are 50 in total and we are up to 10! It was getting late and the wify wanted us back. Craig arrived today and it was good to see that everyone is now in town.


  • D800-023207-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023208-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023211-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023206-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023215-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023219-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023221-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023222-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023225-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023230-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023240-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023242-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023246-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023252-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023259-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023267-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023272-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023273-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023275-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023277-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023278-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023281-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023283-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023284-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023286-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023288-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023289-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023293-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023295-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023298-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023303-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023304-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023305-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023321-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023324-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023328-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023359-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023362-Photowalk-London-blog
  • D800-023363-Photowalk-London-blog


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