Heading back to London from Roma

Our flight from Roma to London was not until 7:10pm. We decided to try to eat breakfast near a local place and then look for some Vespa Scooters to shoot in action or parked.

Instead of a wider angle lens, I just brought my camera with the 70-200 attached. I managed to capture some cool ones. There was a Vespa Museum at a Vespa and bicycle rental store. One the way back, I found one where it was painted in Italian flag colors. Very cool.

We made it back to the airport easily and with plenty of time. There was about 30-45minutes of editing I got in, but there was a lot more to do.

I hope you enjoyed all the photos of my trip. I hope this gets you to think about heading to Roma or the very least, go on vacation!

Some pics of Julie out and about during out trip to Roma.

  • D800-023653-Roma-blog
  • D800-024205-JuliePortraits-Roma-blog
  • D800-024218-JuliePortraits-Roma-blog
  • D800-024226-JuliePortraits-Roma-blog

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