Exploring Roma!

We decided to wake whenever. Without kids on the trip, there was no natural alarm clock! I think we woke around 9am. This was the latest we had ever waken up since having kids!

We set out to explore the city. We tried to head to the Colosseum to tour inside it, but it was a zoo there. Too many people! We decided against it and thought it wasn’t worth the wait. We then proceeded down the main street and see what we can stumbled upon. I photographed some cool old ruin areas and the Veterans War Memorial the Romans nick name the “Wedding Cake.”

We visited the Pantheon near noon time and there was a cool light beam inside cutting through the Oculus of the dome. It has a nice looking fountain outside that I later was told it was Egyptian!

Nearby was the Piazza Navona. Also swarmed by tourists in town, it was difficult to get a good shot of the fountain without people in it. I tried to wait like Scott Kelby suggested, but the place was so busy, it was tough to be patient. I eventually got a few shots off, granted they were in the middle of the day.

Being about lunch time, we stumbled upon Cafe Bianco. They had a 12 Euro deal that included bruschetta and salad, pizza or pasta, and a drink. The bruschetta was the best I’ve ever eaten, granted I haven’t eaten that many. I usually don’t eat tomatoes, but these were so bright red and sweet it was super nice. The pizza I had was great. I don’t care for thin crust pizza, but this was not too thin and the end crust was nice and doughy. Perfect. I had a Sprite which had Le Bron on the can. Julie had pasta and it was very good too.

We then made our way to Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. Unfortunately, both were heavily under construction and was no shot. The whole city was under construction. Being in the heat all morning and in the early afternoon, we decided to make our way back to the hotel to clean up and rest.

For dinner we went to a different restaurant. We both had pasta, but Julie’s roseotto was not very appealing. My spaghetti was fine. The down side was we both got bitten by suspected mosquitos. Now let the itchiness begin for the next week! Rats!

I reshot the Roman Forum in twilight hour. I also attempted to shoot the Colosseum slightly earlier than the day before. The light was better.

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