Bend, Oregon

During the Labor Day weekend, we decided to make a family road trip. Looking at Google Maps, we decided on Bend, Oregon. Close friends have told us how nice it is up there and this friend has a few friends that have moved from the bay area and live up there. We had to check it out for ourselves. My buddy says Bend, OR is like the suburbs here, but in a wilderness setting with a lot of outdoor activities and possibilities. Google Maps says it is 8+ hour drive up there.

This road trip was a test of many. It was a test for me if I could drive longer distances. This past summer I was able to drive 5-6 hours with a little stop off here and there to Bishop, CA. It was a test to see if the Pilot can handle longer distances. It was a test to see if the kids can tolerate a longer drive as well. I have some ideas to take a very long road trip next summer to Mt. Rushmore and see the National Monument out there. This would involve drives that are 8+ hours in a few stretches. Come early Saturday morning, we left at 6am to make our way to Bend, OR.

We packed the bikes in the back of the Pilot and put our small bags back there too. I could have put the bikes on the top of the Pilot, but I didn’t want bugs to get on them as well as they would make knocking noise all the way up to Bend when they rocked laterally. We brought a little porta-potty as well as an old gummy vitamin jar just in case. Of course, I brought my camera equipment.

The itinerary on the way up was to stop off at the Shasta Dam. Check it out and the lake. Then make our way up to Klamath Falls, a city inside the Oregon border that had a small airport, but according to Google Maps, there were F-15 fighters on the tarmac. I thought maybe I could get a photo or two thru a fence or something. After that, it was into Bend, OR. On the way back, we stopped off at Crater Lake. My National Park Annual pass expired at the end of July, and I had to renew. We had nothing else on the itinerary on the way back except to stop off for any bathroom breaks as well as lunch and dinner. On the way to Bend, it took 10 hours. On the way back it took 12 hours.

We had no real plans other than to check out the area. We saw there was a nice river that ran through the city. There was a very large park next to it where it looked like people gain access into the river as well as some paths for walking and/or biking.

Bend, Oregon, here we come!

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