In and Around The Monument

I finally got to set out with the family to do something touristy with the family. Julie has been really good at finding cool places for the kids to visit and take some nice pictures. Now since I am in town, I get to go too!

I had to shoot through the fence line at the top of The Monument. It was 331 steps up and down. I couldn’t look down, but I did snap a pick of the spiral stair case with my phone. I couldn’t risk my more expensive camera equipment. Fear of heights set in a bit too. I have to try to get over this darn fear–some day.

  • D800-023064-TheMonument-Day02-blog
  • D800-023066-TheMonument-Day02-blog
  • D800-023068-TheMonument-Day02-blog
  • D800-023069-TheMonument-Day02-blog
  • D800-023070-TheMonument-Day02-blog
  • D800-023073-TheMonument-Day02-blog
  • D800-023074-TheMonument-Day02-blog
  • D800-023076-TheMonument-Day02-blog
  • D800-023077-TheMonument-Day02-blog
  • D800-023080-TheMonument-Day02-blog
  • D800-023081-TheMonument-Day02-blog
  • D800-023082-TheMonument-Day02-blog
  • D800-023086-TheMonument-Day02-blog
  • D800-023088-TheMonument-Day02-blog


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