Sea World 50th Anniversary

Continuing our vacation in San Diego, we decided to go to Sea World. It has been a long time since I’ve been to Sea World.

One of the main attractions is the Killer Whale show. Killer Whales, or Orcas, are one of my favorite whales. I do remember doing a report in the 4th grade about killer whales.

We arrived early to get in as many shows as possible. There was a lot to see. After we had entered, there were some see and touch pools containing small sharks and other creatures. Because this was Sea World’s 50th Anniversary, they were there to celebrate with their guests, us! There was a “surprise crew” that was giving out prizes. One prize they gave was a VIP pass so the guest can go to the front of the line to enter a show and sit in the front. Since we were one of the only people listening to this surprise crew, she turned to Matthew and pulled out a killer whale stuffed animal that was holding a present. She then gave one to Hayley. How special was that. It made our day. I thanked her. Her bag she pulled these stuffed animals out from didn’t look too full to begin with. Luckily she had 2 so one of my kids didn’t feel left out.

I broke down and bought one of those large jugs that allow one to refill for cheaper. Cheaper. Luckily we had enough room in our luggage to carry it back. At the end, we did purchase the photo of their big 50th Anniversary as well as Hayley liked this purse which contained a super soft baby killer whale and Matthew chose this bubble machine gun producer.

All in all we had a great day.

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San Diego Zoo

San Diego is known for its Zoo. It was impressive. Best one that I’ve been too. There was so much to see.

DKSF was saying the zoo was hilly and would tire out the kids and we would be on the bus quickly. They do have a bus system of 2 versions. One you can hop on and off and the other tours the whole zoo in about 35 minutes. We got on the one where you get on and off. We did walk some of the zoo, and there were parts we didn’t bother going to. In the end, it was a nice day and the animals were neat to see. It helped a lot that I had my 70-200 lens. I texted DKSF saying we were boarding a bus. He LOL’d me! We did hold off until after lunch.

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Space Shuttle Endeavour!

Credit goes to DKSF for suggesting our family to go to this museum to see the Space Shuttle Endeavour when we flew in early to LAX.

A little while ago, I remembered that they retired the Space Shuttle Endeavour. They flew it around the SF Bay Area on the back of the Boeing 747 one afternoon. I missed out on the photo opportunities, but at least I got to see it in person in this museum.

The Space Shuttle Endeavour was very impressive. I remember as a child when the first space shuttle was made and did its missions. I also remember the Space Shuttle Challenger incident as well as the Columbia. It was cool to see the space shuttle in person.

Happy 6th Birthday, Matthew!

This year we celebrated Matthew’s birthday at Nothing But Hoops. It was a nice introduction to basketball. Towards the end, it was dodge ball. Reminds me of the movie…

The theme for the party was Lego Star Wars. Julie made some pretty cool stuff including some colored chocolate lego pieces and gelatin figures. The napkins had a napkin band that was a print out of a light saber handle. Very cool and very creative!

Here are the pics:

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Happy 6th Birthday, Matthew!