Laurelwood Park with Hayley

Matthew had his first play date with a fellow classmate of his, which meant Hayley and I got to spend some time together. Because the weather has been quite warm and dry, it was perfect to go to the park.

We spent a lot of time on the swings. She absolutely loves them. I managed to capture a few pictures of her. I will always cherish these moments. I used my 70-200mm f/4 lens, again. I think some of the other parents thought my camera was a bit much. True.

San Francisco Exploratorium

Happy New Year!

The family set out to the SF Exploratorium located at Pier 15 at the Embarcadero. We again parked at UCSF Mission Bay and then road Muni in. At the end, I lost my Clipper Card once again after adding $10 in value. Bummer.

Mike and Cynthia Chan gave me a membership to the Exploratorium. In years past, they gave me a membership to the California Academy of Sciences. Both have proven great and valuable gifts in the sense that every trip to either one of these places so far has been great times with the family together and great times for my kids. They just absolutely love it. Thanks Mike and Cynthia!

There was so much to touch and do inside that we will have to go back. Several things I do remember when I was a child was this pin board where you can stick your hand underneath it, push upwards, and you can see the pins make a pattern of your hand above. It is still there. Also the big semi-circle “walls” where your voice will carry a long distance to the other one and person on the other side of the room. It is still there. One cool thing is there is a camera that records in real time, although a slight delay, and the computer interprets the image and converts it into a cartoon or drawing like look. I have taken several pics with my iPhone and posted them on Facebook here. The next time we go, we are going to get there early so we can get a ticket to do a line tracing. I will post more about this after the next time we go.

Here are some photos of the day! Again, I was using my 70-200mm f/4 lens. Everyone I saw there had wide angle or mid zooms. It was a bit dark inside and made for tough photography. The VR helped some.