Rita and Randy’s Wedding

Rita and Randy got married on October 11, 2013 at the San Francisco Fairmont.

It was a nice wedding ceremony in one of the ballrooms. The Reception was back in the same room, but the cocktails were in a nice room that had wonderful views of the San Francisco Skyline. Unfortunately, it was a bit windy and it was a bit too cold to stand outside on the Fairmont’s balcony terrace.

Randy is a long time friend of mine that I met through my younger brother. I met Randy when he was a 1st year in college at UCSD. Ever since then he became a very good friend. He even was my brother’s roommate during their last year of college. Randy and I used to play a lot of golf. It seemed as he got better, I got worse and so did my allergies to grass! Excuses excuses! Randy then expressed interest in becoming a dentist and later to be a pediatric dentist. He did shadow in my dad’s office when I was still in dental school. He later attended UCLA, where he met some of his really close friends, and then he went onto USC for specialty.

I met Rita for the first time at the San Francisco Airport’s International Arrival’s Terminal. I was sitting in a chair reading a book on my iPad, when I heard “Hey, Greg!” It was Randy. We both asked what we were doing there. I was there to pick up my sister-in-law who was coming in from Hong Kong. Randy said he was there to pick up his girlfriend, Rita, who was also coming in from Hong Kong. It was nice to meet her that evening. Talk about random intersections!

Congrats to Rita and Randy!

Here is my best picture of the couple that evening!