The San Francisco Bay Trail

The opening of the new Eastern Span of the San Francisco Bay Bridge was at night time on September 2, 2013. With this new opening, the engineers and designers built a pedestrian/cycle path so that people can enjoy the views, exercise, or simply commute. According to the Bay Bridge Info website, this pathway was named after Alex Zuckermann, who was critical to the incorporation of this path in the design of the new Bay Bridge. He, unfortunately, has passed away before the opening. It is not quite fully complete, but according to the website, one will be able to cross the entire width of the SF Bay utilizing this bridge. I wonder how long it will be until pedestrians and bicyclists will be charged a bridge toll! Fingers crossed they do not ever!

Because the weather was so nice, we set out to bike the path. The parking area was about 1.0-1.5 miles away from the incline of the new eastern span of the Bay Bridge. This meant that poor little Hayley will be tired by the time she gets there. Matthew did well, but he has a cold since yesterday and wasn’t feeling 100%. I rode to the end by myself. I was interested in the views, but the old span was mostly blocking them. Some of the San Francisco skyline could be seen. I snapped some pictures and they can be seen on my BLOG.

Parking was easy and access was very easy. There were a lot of bicycle cops, but they were all very friendly and either waved or said hello!

These pics were taken with my iPhone 5.


The GT Karakoram is ALIVE!

Deciding that a new bike would be awesome, justification wasn’t there. I decided to have a pro fix and tune up my bike. I have a patient, Juan N., that works at Valencia Cyclery, fix my bike. He is a mechanic there.

He helped me get my bike into shape! It rides very smooth. Shifts like it should! I am happy once more!

Photos taken with my iPhone 5!


Annie and Anthony’s Wedding

Annie and Anthony had a wonderful wedding day at the Shakespeare Gardens just adjacent to the California Academy of Sciences in the Golden Gate National Park. It was a wonderful afternoon wedding. The size was just perfect! The reception that followed was at the De Young Museum. It was outside at first in their courtyard, and then moved inside for a dinner buffet. Atmosphere and food were great! Dancing was later in the evening and was outside.

It was nice to see some former students and how they have enriched their lives.

Congrats to Annie and Anthony!

Wish you all the Happiness together!