The Whole Family on Top of Slacker Hill!

For the lack of anything better to do, we decided to head back to the Golden Gate Bridge and give Hayley some more time with her “new” digital camera.

Hayley made it up Slacker Hill, but her sandels kept coming off. It was nice up there, but wasn’t as clear as the previous weekend.

Here is what I got!


Hayley’s First Photography

We all went up Slacker Hill to see the Golden Gate Bridge. Hayley was armed with my old old old Nikon 990 3.2MP camera. It was used a lot in the office and several people at the time bought it with me. I think it was $1000 back in the day (1999).

Hayley made it up Slacker Hill, but on the way down, she rode on my shoulders. It was getting a little late in the afternoon and we had to get back at a decent hour for them to take a nap.

Enjoy her pictures that she took!

Hayley’s First Photography at Fort Point!

Might as well start them (even) earlier! We went to Fort Point area to take some pictures after work. It was a nice clear evening, but it was getting cold for the kids.

I gave Hayley my Nikon 990 3.2 MP camera. It has a view finder, but it is one of those digital cameras where you can compose using the LCD screen. The thing ate up 4 AA Batteries. In the end, she used the view finder like Matthew and I do through our dSLR cameras.

It was fun to shoot her having fun as well with photography!

Here’s what I got! Enjoy!

Matthew’s First Photo Walk: Embarcadero My Pictures

These are the photos I got when we were around the Embarcadero area. I believe I lost my Clipper Card. What a bummer. The Muni ride back was lame because we had to wait 30 minutes in the cold to get back to Mission Bay brom 4th and King St. If we were in London, we would have waited max 2 minutes for the next train. Lame Muni! I always vow it is the last time I ride, but somehow they always get me!

Here they are:

Matthew’s First Photo Walk: My Pictures

Being on a photo walk with Matthew, I managed to get a few shots myself.

It was really fun being out with him and not have to worry about getting back in time for a nap. He managed quite well, but when I was driving from the GGB area to the Embarcadero, he kept saying he was really tired. I asked him to try to rest and take a quick nap in the car. He managed to just rest, but I don’t think he fell asleep.

Here are some of my pictures of the GGB area.


Matthew’s First Photo Walk: Embracadero

After we finished the Golden Gate Bridge, we made our way to shoot the Embarcadero area.

We parked at UCSF Mission Bay and rode the Muni to the Embarcadero area. Our first stop was to shoot some pictures of the Bay Bridge. We met another beginning photographer by the name of Amit. He was experimenting with some new Cokin ND Grad filters. I gave him some pointers and we exchanged contact information.

After shooting some pictures of the Bay Bridge area, we made our way to the Ferry Building. Matthew wanted treats by then and we were on the search. We found a place that sells some sour gummy bears. It hit the spot. With time ticking, we walked briskly to a pier after the Ferry Building where you can see the Transamerica Building. The sun was directly over the top of the Transamerica Building and made for some tough pictures. Matthew’s last frame was of some financial district buildings, but what caught my eye was the American Flag waving in the breeze!