Lego Star Wars Tie Fighter! Check!

Matthew and I finally finished the Lego Star Wars Tie Fighter. We started back on the 26th of December, but we only worked on it off and one. In the middle we went to Tahoe to ski. We decided to stay at home for dinner tonight and Matthew was determined to finish it. We finished the main body a few days ago and had to work on the two wings. In the end it was a nice project. There weren’t as many pieces to this kit compared to the X-Wing Fighter. The wings and the body seem to be constructed with a lot more sturdiness. So, if Matthew were to be playing with it, I hope it won’t break down so easily. Enjoy the pics!


Matthew’s First Skiing Experience…

We checked the weather and saw that December 28th was going to be a great day for the family to go skiing. The Chinn’s also joined us. The resort we went to was Sierra at Tahoe. We tried to leave at 4:30am to make sure we get there in time to check Matthew into his ski school as well as check in Hayley into her day care. In the end we left around 5am. We got to the resort at 8am In the end it was a simple process with advanced reservations. After getting the kids situated, it was time to get Julie and Susan signed up for the adult ski lessons. Again, that was a simple process. By that time it was 9am. Now I had time to go get my ski rental. Now this was a tougher process because there were a lot more people. I finally got all my stuff by 10am and it was time to hit the slopes. I now know why people have their own equipment or rent it before coming up to the mountain….note to self!

Craig and Ethan had already started skiing at 9:15am and had already done a few runs. Sierra at Tahoe is pretty much the same. It was the first place I learned to ski. It could be a nice tradition where my kids would start first. The girls’ lesson started at 10am and they were on their way. I got my gear on, including my new helmet and goggles, and I was off with Ethan and Craig.

It took a very short bit of time to get my legs underneath me, but it is like riding a bike. Little Ethan is very quick! It was hard to keep up with him! We kept yelling back and forth, “…I ain’t got time 4 this!” (Sweet Brown). We had fun!

We stopped by to see if Julie and Susan were out on the slopes during their ski lesson. They weren’t so we went down to where Leah and Matthew were receiving their lesson. They were out and they started to get some skis on and try a little downhill. Matthew was very cute with his little boots on. Unfortunately I could only get pictures with my iphone.

We finally met up for lunch and that was crazy. Inside the lodge it was like the resort was stuck in time. It was exactly as I remembered! It was crowded and the lines were long. My feet were killing me because the boots I got were a little too small based on Craig’s expert advice to size down!!! We ended up eating our hamburgers outside on the snow. Since the snow was dry, we could sit on it without getting really wet. I eventually exchanged my boots for a larger size after eating lunch, and they felt so much better.

Craig, Susan, Julie, and I decided to ski all together on the main bunny slope. During Susan and Julie’s lesson, they didn’t get a chance to go on the ski lift. We instructed them how to do so and they did well. We went up and they didn’t fall off the lift! Craig gave some lesson advice and we made our way down the hill, making some turns. Susan and Julie did well. After a bit I had to call it quits. My legs were super tired and I had a long drive back with some traffic. I returned the gear, got my trainers on, and felt comfort. I picked up Matthew from his lesson and then I picked up Hayley from day care. She did well in day care.

We packed up and started to make our way down the mountain to head home. We stopped off in Davis to eat. We ate at a Korean BBQ. The food was good. I wanted to eat more, but knew I would then fall asleep while driving! In the end the food coma hit me and Julie had to drive the last bit.

We made it back in one piece for a 1 day trip to Tahoe. All in all, the kids did really well! Matthew had fun and it seems like Hayley did too. We look forward to our next trip up to Tahoe. This season appears to be quite promising with mid week snow and clear weekends! See you on the slopes!!!


Lego Star Wars X-Wing Fighter

One of the gifts that we gave Matthew was the Star Wars X-Wing Fighter. It was one of the first action toys that I remember from when I was a kid. I remembered trying to get out R2-D2 from the X-Wing Fighter toy, but he was not to be removed.

Matthew started it in the afternoon on the 25th, but only worked on it to its completion today. I was looking for the parts while Matthew helped build it. He stuck with it for the most part. It was quite tiring work! Of course, it came with Perkins!!!!

Here are some pictures of it completed and then I was messing around taking various pictures.

Next is the Star Wars Tie Fighter!


Chong Family Christmas 2012

This Christmas, the kids didn’t wake up too early. We got them ready for the day first before starting on the numerous gifts.

This year, Octonauts were very popular where the new Gup-X was received by Matthew and the Gup-A was given to Hayley. Legos were also popular for Matthew where he received the Star Wars X-Wing Fighter and a few other 3-in-1 Creator kits. Hayley got several Hello Kitty items including some clothes. They both got some cool puzzles which they seem to love very much and spend a lot of time, quite time, putting together.

Also on the list was snow gear. We all have helmets now and cool goggles. Gloves were received to keep our hands warm in Tahoe. We hope to get a few days of skiing in and lessons for Matthew. Hayley will be playing in the snow with one of us.

Have a great Christmas with Friends and Family!


Christmas at the Chinns

It is Christmas Eve and we went over to the Chinns’ residence for a Christmas Feast.

The decorations were just grand!

Most of the cooking was done by Susan. Fabulous meal and food choices! My wife made a great roasted potato and half potatoes with bacon and cheese. Stuffed! The champagne on the menu had a fruity taste to it. I liked it.

Happy Christmas to all!


Winter is here! Skiing is on the Winter Agenda…

Matt is of age where we are getting geared up to head to the slopes.

He’s seen snow before in a few places.   One time in London where the snow came quite early.  This was back in 2010.  The second time he’s seen snow is in Lake Tahoe.  See the following pictures.  I am hoping that I get some really cool pictures of him during ski lessons and on the slopes.  Stay tuned for more if I’m successful.