I’ve been experimenting a little with LR 3’s editing from a RAW file that only had +4 sharpening added to it in camera.  I did edit the picture to enrich the colors a bit.  I am liking what I am seeing so far.  Editing these photos was much easier to do than with View NX, I am first to admit.

After editing the colors, the next step was to add the “Pop!”  DK was nice to email me his little secrets that he uses to help him sharpen his pictures.  With some easy instructions, I applied the techniques to the images below.  Then I applied my sharpening techniques to a duplicate of the same picture.  DK’s Sharpening is on TOP; my sharpening is at the BOTTOM.  Judge for yourself.

The effects can be subtle, but Matt’s green puffy vest seems to have that sheen that my sharpening techniques didn’t bring out.  The second set of pictures the differences seem to be more subtle, but take a look at the word, “Lightyear” on the left side of the picture (Matthew’s own Right eye).  The word “Lightyear” is brighter and a little bit more sharp.

My next test will be to upload them to facebook and to see if there is a difference there.

Thanks DK for your help and helpful insight and suggestions.

-Greg Chong

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