Since getting my new iPad2, I’ve been downloading a few apps here and there.

Of recent, an app that came out with a discounted price was the Lego Harry Potter game.  We love the the Lego games that have come out over the years for the Xbox 360 and other platforms.  I purchased this app when we were in Hong Kong thinking I had time to play it when I was out there or on the long plane ride back.  I ended up reading a book I bought the Kindle version of.

My favorite (favourite) magazine I’ve come to love is the gadget to the max, T3 magazine form the United Kingdom.  It is a magazine that my wife bought me a subscription for all these years until recently she pulled the plug.  The magazine was a bit expensive, but the paper was that thick and glossy type, with that rich and ultra bright color pictures of tech all over them that made it worth the cost.  Today’s magazines are getting cheaper and cheaper to cut costs, and therefore the paper they use is most likely recycled and so thin it is practically see through.  The truth comes out: the only reason I want to go to London so often is so I can collect my T3 magazines!  Hahahaha.  j/k.  One of the problems, since we don’t go to London as often as before, is trying to carry back 6+ months worth of T3 magazines and their thick paper gets really heavy.

Playing around with my iPad2 and searching around the app store, I found out that the T3 group makes an eMagazine version!  I downloaded the app that was for Free.  Running the app, it made me feel as if I was emersed in a magazine.  The subscription was $40 USD for a 1 year subscription.  I downloaded the current issue.  I opened up the eMagazine like I was opening up the real thing.  I remember looking into how much it would cost to get the actual physical and it was outragiously expensive!!!  In hind sight, it probably was cheaper to get the magazines sent from the UK to the US instead of buying a more expensive airline ticket with the dinosaurs of airlines, United.

The colors were rich and the pictures were very clear on the iPad2 as they were in the magazines.  I can’t wait for the next issue!

I’m not sure if I will be buying any other magazine subscriptions for the ipad, but what I do enjoy is the ebooks.  I do have several ebooks which are mostly about Photoshop and Lightroom.  It is nice to have these books in an e-version so that I may reference them wherever I am and with whatever computer, iPad, or Kindle I may be using.

Just wanted to share my excitement!

~Greg Chong

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