I got the idea to try to shoot a bath time picture of Baby Hayley this morning. One of her cutest moments is when her hair is all messy and wet and she’s in the tub playing around. Julie took an awesome picture of her that got me thinking I could do the same.

I tried to take some good pictures of Hayley in the bath tub, but she wasn’t having it today. I did print out the ones that turned out half decent, but the colors weren’t very vibrant and in the end they were only so so.  Julie’s picture turned out way better.

I then dug back into my pictures and remembered the nice pictures of my 2 kids together. I posted those pictures in the blog post titled, Sibling…non-rivalry. With those few pictures in various sizes from 5″x5″ to 11″x11″ to 11″x5″, I was able to put together a mini cluster.

What’s a cluster? The place I get most of my professional prints done sells these photo arrangements, called Wall Collage Clusters. Back during the Christmas Holiday in 2010, I made a cluster for Julie for her Christmas present. It cost about $300 for a 4’x2′ wall cluster.  It turned out really nice, but was very expensive.  This is what it looks like in my family room:

Getting more into the clusters, I did manage at the beginning of 2011 get some really cute bath time pictures of Hayley.  She was laying flat on the counter top and she had just finished getting her hair washed.  I snapped several shots of her and they turned out well. Here is what the cluster looks like in her room:

In the spirit of creativity, I decided build upon the mini cluster I had made of my two kids sharing a kind moment together. I took some cute pictures of Hayley at her cousin’s 3rd birthday at the Little Gym in Belmont. The photos show her sitting up and I was finally featured in one picture because Julie used my camera to take the picture.

Putting the two mini clusters together, this is what it looks like in Hayley’s room. I really like it. The bottom line, the prints cost me about $20, the black foam core the pictures were glued onto was about $5 from Aaron Brothers, and a little bit of my time.  This was much cheaper than my professional service and it turned out just as good!

Creativity is in the air. I love being able to do something that I thought only a professional service could do and managed to do it for myself for a small percentage of the professional service cost!

Once again, the San Mateo County Fair is coming into town next weekend, and I am getting excited and hopeful. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for reading!

~Greg Chong

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