I am in search for some camping equipment.

When I was a youth, I was in the Boy Scouts and we had some decent equipment that my dad bought us. When REI started back in the day, the membership probably was like $10 for life!!!

I have a Sierra Designs 2 man tent. It is 5 lbs and is called a MeteorLite. I have a whisper lite stove that ran on White Gas…oooo aaaahhhh. You have to prime that damn stove to get it running! Forget my sleeping bag. It is time for a new one.

REI is having some sale and I’m looking to possibly cash in.

I don’t think I need a tent as of yet. Maybe a 3-4 man tent in the future for the family camping trips. Most of my future trips on my mind will be the drive to the camp site type camping. Having an ultra light tent for backpacking isn’t quite necessary as of now.

I do need a new sleeping bag and that is top priority. I’m thinking a 20 degree mummy bag is in order. Any suggestions? Down vs Synthetic? Down I’ve read on REI.com seems to pack down tight and into a smaller size than synthetics.

A new stove will be nice, but not totally necessary. Although, it will make a good item to have just in case of local earthquakes. I’ve been looking into those JetBoil. Any other recommendations?

What other equipment do you find invaluable when out in the wide open?


~Greg Chong

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