Wednesday morning, we ate breakfast at the Vatican Museum outside in the Pine Cone Courtyard. It was the highlight of the trip because the weather was perfect, the breakfast was very good, and the courtyard was super nice. Of course, the company was top notch!

The one photograph I was really after was the infamous spiral staircase and after eating breakfast, I was itching to start photographing. I missed the exit to where it was and made a turn where there were some guards. I asked them the location of the spiral staircase and the guard was worried that I wanted to leave already. I told him that I wanted to just photograph it without people. “Si, Si!” He walked us to the spiral staircase and man, there it was! It was fairly big. The souvenir shop surrounded it. My wife and I had it to ourselves for at least 30 minutes plus. We shot it for about 20 minutes. I believe I got at least one in the tin.

We then toured the Vatican Museum. After finishing the museum which included hanging out in the Sistine Chapel, we left and exited to the outside. There were a ton of people lined up to try to enter. The line wrapped around the block quite far. We wanted to head to St. Peter’s Square and St. Peter’s Basilica. The entrance fee is free there, but if you don’t get there early enough, the line is super long! We decided to not wait in 90+ degree weather for over an hour or two’s time.

Later that evening, I wanted to shoot St Peter’s Basilica from a distance. Julie couldn’t wait around in one spot so she decided to make her way down toward the basilica. I finally got my sunset shot and then decide to run to meet up with her. I then got my second shot of the night I wanted. Here are the results.


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