A friend that I met in Moab, UT came into town to visit his father, who lives in Sausalito. He stayed with his father and had the opportunity to take a lot of different compositions of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Because I was away in Scottsdale, AZ for dental education, I couldn’t take that many pictures with Jon G, as much as I wanted to. Jon was waiting for me to get back into town so I could show him where I took my SF Bay Bridge picture. That evening, the sky was pretty hazy and we didn’t think the sunset was going to be all that spectacular. In the end, mother nature proved to us that she is very unpredictable, but gave us an intense sunset!

The cool thing that we noticed was Coit Tower was glowing red! Go ‘9ers!

Here are a few from that night:

It was a good night to take pics, Jon!

~Greg Chong

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