I’ve had a bit of time to go back and take a look at some of the pictures I took on my recent Hong Kong trip.

I’ve been getting into a little black and white conversions of some of my photography.  It is a tough call on which image I would apply it to, but testing it out doesn’t hurt a thing.  I can simply revert back to the original color picture if I didn’t like the conversion.

One picture I wish to share at this moment is a black and white conversion of the picture I got at the Peak in Hong Kong.  It was a night time picture of the business buildings on the Hong Kong Island.  Here is the original image posted earlier:

Here is the image in black and white.  I went further to make it a panoramic.   Here it is:

It is a different perspective and I kinda like it.  The only thing I am not liking in the picture is the residential buildings in the foreground that are hiding some of the business buildings in the middle.  They are dark.  I could go either way at this moment.  Maybe a good title for this picture could be “Dark vs. Light (Battle for Central).”

Let me know what you think and thanks for looking.

~Greg Chong

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