My wife and I recently celebrated our 5th year wedding anniversary. Wow, 5 years! They have all been wonderful and would ask for anything more or different. My wife gave me 2 beautiful children, one of which is a girl.

On the Chong side of the family under my late grandfather, the are no girls. All the women at the dinner table were by marriage or a girlfriend. So, my daughter is very special.

We decided to go to the Westin in Millbrae for breakfast. It turns out in their little restaurant was a breakfast buffet. There was a limited selection, but they had everything that we liked. We went there because that is where we had our wedding reception. This hotel was also where everyone met up to start our wedding day. We even had the tea ceremony in the suite we had reserved.

One of the pictures we tried to recreate the moment…without the wedding dress, but with 2 kids instead. The picture that was taken on our wedding day had Julie laying across this flat sofa bench in from of the mirror and you can see her in the mirror as well. I didn’t get that endless image through the mirror, but got us in the same area.

For dinner, we decided on something steakhouse, or it was mostly me. We wanted to go to something local because my daughter doesn’t last too long at the dinner table before she starts fussing. After doing a little search on OpenTable.com , I found maybe what could be a little hidden gem. A diamond in the rough, if you will. I booked a reservation for 4 at the Porterhouse Steakhouse in San Mateo. What attracted me to this restaurant besides being close to home, is their menu. There was a wide range of meats a meat lover could choose from. Further reading of the menu revealed an early bird-like special they have daily. For $30 you get an appetizer or salad, protein, and dessert! Wow I couldn’t believe the bargain. Of course they had my filet mignon as one of the choices of meat, and creme brûlée for dessert, my next favorite dessert besides vanilla ice cream. My steak was cooked perfectly, my wife’s chicken was also excellent. Thumbs up my son would say and do! The French fries we ordered as a side were perfect. They almost seemed to be the exact same size and cut like McDonald’s French fries.

All in all, it was a great day of eating and a great day to remind us how much we love each other and to remind us of that fun day 5 years ago!

Here are the pictures:

Thanks for allowing me to share our moment with you all!

~Greg Chong

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