500px.com is a more professional photographer’s website. It is relatively new website and I found it reading one of Scott Kelby’s Blog posts. He was very enthusiastic about it and I had to check it out for myself.

I do have a Flickr.com account and I do have a SmugMug.com account. The SmugMug I do really like because it offers unlimited everything for a low annual fee of about $40. Flickr has a free and paid versions of itself. I have chosen not to pay for the Flick account. 500px.com has a free and paid version, but for the time being, I am just evaluating this site to help me host my photography pictures.

Even with the free account, I was able to set up a online purchasing system. 500px.com is contracted with Fotomoto, an online purchasing, printing, and mailing service. Much like SmugMug Pro, you can set your own pricing and which size prints you do offer. The only issue I have with Fotomoto right now is the ability to get the print that a customer ordered sent to me first for evaluation, to sign, and also include a certificate of authenticity. There are other professional photographers that have raised this issue with Fotomoto and Fotomoto is considering our requests. My other issue is I don’t know what the quality of the print is like. Their website states they use the latest and greatest. I have no way of knowing if they truly are. I assume so, but as a seller, I need to make sure the product I eventually deliver is top quality. I wish they had some type of proofing service I can utilize, like BayPhoto.com does to evaluate my work and the printer’s work. In the end, Fotomoto is trying to streamline the online purchasing process and make it easy for us photographers not to have to worry about these logistical issues.

Just like SmugMug, my photos look awesome on their site. They even write the code for flash and also HTML5 for all the iPad and iPhone users!

More experimenting to come. For now, here is the link: gregorychong.500px.com

Thanks for reading.


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